Floating Points USB bracelet

Floating Points USB Album

Sonorous microtonal and liquid rhythmic chamber jazz


USB flash drive with high resolution tracks (96k/24 bit wave) and mp3 files.

Ole Mathisen Floating Points Ensemble explores music inspired by elusive reference points and unpredictability in natural phenomena: turbulence, wave patterns, wind shear, and currents.

Ole Mathisen - tenor saxophone  Amir ElSaffar - trumpet  Bobby Avey - piano  Gregg August - bass

Hot House Magazine Review: An endlessly inventive, sometimes dizzyingly diverse and quirky composer and reeds master, Norwegian saxophonist Ole Mathisen has enlivened projects ranging from Afro-Cuban outings to highly avant-garde ambient efforts. Wielding a deceptively clean tone, Ole can deliver an extraordinary volley of music, ranging from minimalist statements to full-on rock guitar-styled shredding of notes, a thrilling approach matched by his remarkable genre-defying compositions. Ole features his Floating Points ensemble, offering up works inspired by the unpredictability of such natural phenomena as wind turbulence, wave patterns and water currents. Backed by trumpeter Amir ElSaffar, pianist Bobby Avey, and bassist Gregg August, Ole presents music that is bound to excite, surprise, occasionally befuddle, and ultimately exhilarate.


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